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About Us

Stuttgart, Inc is an innovative electronic design company with a passion for traffic safety. Our vision is to empower integrators and authorities through technology to achieve zero road fatalities. To this end we produce advanced electronics running artificial intelligent algorithms that are able to use multiple sensors to optimise decision-making. In many instances road fatalities are predictable and therefore preventable.

We have designed and delivered products in Rail, Road, Mining and Aviation. Our designs have been deployed on the road side, track side, on rolling stock and inside automobiles. We have deployed technologies consisting of sonar, radar, laser and optical devices.

Unique and full stack traffic experience makes us the experts in traffic technology

Very few companies in the industry can claim first hand expert design knowledge for inductive loop and sonar and magnetometer and radar and thermal and camera sensors. None of those companies who have such experience have also designed ATC SIU, CMU, HDSP and also TS2 BIU and MMU. Our experience and knowledge is unitque and span the entire technology stack in traffic. We are only biased towards technology that works consistently and reliably.

Radar and Camera Sensors

We design and manufacture the best radar and camera enforcement devices in the industry for 16 years. Our devices produce more than 2 million citations a year and are constantly scruitinized in the court.


Its robust, reverse polarity protected, NEMA tested and interfaces everything to everything. It never loses data. It is your open-source tool that will never get outdated, because you can update it, load your own software and continuously expand its capability.


We reinvented SDLC. We support Dual Channel SDLC with a multitude of Ethernet, USB, UART, SPI and I2C interfaces so you can interface and contribute your products to optimize traffic signals in the US.