Radar Vision™ Traffic Data Collector

The Radar Vision™ Traffic Data Collector is the most comprehensive data collector in the industry.

  • Next Gen Traffic Counting reporting over 500 metrics per vehicle
  • Pedestrian & bicycle data collection
  • Accurate Travel Time and vehicle occupant measurement
  • Wrong way safety alerts
  • High speed alerts
  • Unsafe driving data collection

Revolutionizing Traffic Data Collection for Deep Learning Applications

Machine Learning, particularly Deep Learning, necessitates an extensive collection of data points, each enriched with a broad array of dimensions or attributes. The efficacy of systems developed using Deep Learning is highly contingent on the precision of these data points. To cater to this requirement, we have developed a data collection tool capable of capturing detailed vehicle trajectories, classifying vehicles, identifying specific characteristics, gathering weather conditions, and analysing scenes. Our development was guided by an anticipation of the future needs of Agencies who will rely on this comprehensive data to power their Deep Learning algorithms. Our data storage capacity surpasses that of existing traffic data loggers by more than a million-fold, ensuring an unparalleled depth and breadth of data availability.

Why Is High-Quality Data Essential?

Integrating radar, weather, road condition, and travel time data creates a comprehensive dataset crucial for traffic analysis and prediction. Such rich information proves indispensable for strategic traffic management and infrastructure enhancement, facilitating well-informed decisions that pave the way for smoother and safer roads. Moreover, granular traffic data enables precise enforcement of traffic regulations and informs policy creation designed to alleviate congestion and enhance air quality.

How Does Our Data Collector Enhance Safety and Flexibility in Roadwork Zones?

The data collector is able to record traffic data in work zones in such a way that you can assign the lanes or data collection points after collecting the data.
Our traffic data collector is also homologated and certified accurate to do speed enforcement in work zones, protecting workers.

It has built-in

  • Wrong Way Detection
  • Stopped vehicle detection
  • Queue detection and measurement