Traffic Signal Safety

TS2 + ATC SDLC Converter

The Stuttgart SDLC converter allows OEM and integrators a simple way of providing detection and pre-emption calls to a traffic controller. It functions as 1 to 4 BIU’s or as 1 to 6 SIU’s. A simple Ethernet Web or REST interface makes it easy to test from your web browser or interface to. Also available single chip solution.


  • Video detectors
  • Laser detectors
  • Radar detectors
  • Smart pedestrian detectors
  • Bicycle detectors

Key Features

  • 64 Detector Channels
  • 32 Status Channels (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • REST service for Interface
  • Web interface
    • Detect Status
    • Configuration
    • SDLC diagnostics


  • Web Interface for configuration and calls
  • 100baseT Interface
  • HTTP GET/Post
  • SNMP


  • 64 Detect Channels
  • 32 Status Channels (Read from MMU)
  • Fail safe/Fail secure
  • Call hold on red, release on green
  • Custom SIU/BIU address setting
  • SDLC diagnostic mode
  • Detector channel view on web interface


  • QFN-32 package
  • High Speed UART Interface
  • BIU/SIU emulation
  • Configuration via I2C
  • SPI data interface (optional)
  • Clock generation and recovery